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So the Bus stopped coming and you graduated High School. Now what?

We have the answer, Our Recreation and Respite Clubs.  The Arc of Jefferson and Clearfield Counties, saw a need in the community. This vision led to the opening of the first Rec and Respite club in DuBois and  a second branch in Punxsutawney. 

Each month, activities are provided to the Members of the Rec and Respite Club. Activities include Wii Competitions, Cooking Classes, Craft Days, Girly Girl Days, Pizza and Movie Days, UNO Competitions, PlayDoh Fun, Music nights, and much more.

The Clubs (Punxsy  & DuBois) are open to any individual living in Jefferson or Clearfield County, over the age of 18 who has an intellectual or developmental disability.  The Recreation and Respite Club strives to promote self-confidence, positive relationships, social independence and a sense of belonging among our members.  We strive to provide a healthy and safe place to interact, socialize, have fun, and provide respite for parents.

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