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Camp Friendship is a free summer day camp for any exceptional person residing in the area.  Camp Friendship is aimed toward individuals with more involved disabilities than just learning disabilities.  School aged children applying as campers must be part of a special education program in order to be eligible.  Adults who were part of a special education program while in school are also welcome.  

           Participants will attend activities such as; art, music, physical education, and nature study classes all planned by the Camp Director.  In addition, organized group activities such as a talent show, rocket blasting, Carnegie Science Center visits, horseback riding,  and swimming are just some of the many activities being planned in the afternoons.

Betsy Buffington -  

Punxsy Camp 

DuBois Camp 


Brookville Camp 



Autism Camp 


Am I Eligible To Attend Camp?

Camp Friendship is free to any exceptional individual who is or has been a part of a special education program.


At What Age Can I Be a Camper?

All camps are open to all individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability who has finished Kindergarten the school year before camp. 


Which Camp(s) Can I Attend?

Our camps are organized based upon geographic location

You are eligible to attend whatever camp that would correspond with your current school district. If we do not have a camp for your school district, the camper will attend the camp closest to their school district.


Punxsutawney Camp: 


DuBois Camp: 


Treasure Lake





Brookville Camp: 



Falls Creek



Autism Camp: 

Include all areas listed above




Can My DSP/Aide Attend Camp As Well?

Yes, support staff must accompany a camper who has support staff assigned to them at school.

 You must specify on the application their name and agency


Will There Be Meals Provided At Camp?

Yes, each day all individuals present at camp (campers, aides, counselors, employees)

Will be provided a breakfast, lunch, and one snack.

Menus will be distributed prior to camp by mail or on the first day of camp  


What Sort of Activities Will I Participate in at Camp?

Each day at camp campers will participate in fun activities such as;

gym, music, science,

outdoor games, magic show, art activities, and more


Can I Still Attend if I Have Certain Dietary/Medical Restrictions?

Yes, on each camp application you will find a specific area to relay all needed medical information that we will need to know

Campers with medical needs must attend with their nurse or guardian.



Will There Be Transportation To/From Camp?

Yes, each camp provides busing transportation to/from camp.

 We will assign pick up and drop off locations and times for each camp. However, you must return your application by the due date in order to ride the bus.

This transportation information is listed on the following page for each camp:



Camp Friendship Transportation Schedules:


Punxsy Camp:

Punxsutawney Community Center - Pickup 8:30am daily/Drop Off 3:15

Self Transport


DuBois Camp:

DuBois Middle School - Pickup 8:45/Drop-Off 3:15

Salem United Methodist Church - Pickup 8:45/Drop Off 3:00 
Self Transport

Brookville Camp:
Brookville EUM Church - Pickup 8:15/Drop-Off 3:30 

Hazen Church – Pickup 8:30/Drop Off 3:15
Brockway Presbyterian Church - Pickup 8:45/Drop-Off 3:05 
Falls Creek Catholic Church - Pickup 9:05/Drop-Off 2:45 
Reynoldsville Parking Lot by RR Tracks - Pickup 9:15/Drop-Off 2:35

Self Transport

Autism Camp:
DuBois Middle School - Pickup 8:45/Drop-Off 2:55 
CG Johnson Elementary - Pickup 9:15/Drop-Off 2:35 
Brookville EUM Church - Pickup 8:15/Drop-Off 3:25 

Falls Creek Catholic Church - Pickup 9:05/Drop-Off 2:40 
Punxsutawney Shop n Save - Pickup 8:40/Drop-Off 3:05

Self Transport


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